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Dr. Tigges – Consulting & Product Development

We love travelling. And we love culture, wherever it becomes visible and perceptible: in churches, mosques and temples, with regional wine and food or in stimulating conversations with various interesting persons. That is why we started working as tour guides for Dr. Tigges, the oldest German educational trip label, nearly 20 years ago.

For more than ten years we have been working closely with Dr. Tigges’ product managers, developing new educational trips and products in order to enthuse our demanding and experienced customers. We focus on countries and destinations we know best. Let’s discover Celtic Ireland; the beginnings of the industrial revolution in Northern England and in Scotland; exhibitions and beautiful small spots in Eastern Germany; tasteful wines in Spain and Italy; beer in Belgium, and the best restaurants in Istanbul.


Development of cultural and historical products for educational trips, adventure journeys and activity breaks in various destinations such as Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.