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Fujitsu Siemens Computers – Communication

WörterSee Public Relations has worked for Siemens Business Services in the product communication sector, has designed and compiled product brochures and realised a number of videos about company products and the company per se.

The Joint Venture Fujitsu Siemens continued the cooperation with WörterSee Public Relations in 2006 after takeover of the division of the company ‘product-based services.’ Particular attention was placed on storyboards, screenplays and project coordination for films. The idea behind the different projects was to make opaque services visible for both customers and employees.

This is evident looking at the film ‘Managed Services.’ Due to the fact that the film was only seven minutes long, the constructions had to be modular in order to point at either the whole story or at single and suitable international references.


Crossmedia communication concept, storyboards and screenplays for video productions, project coordination, in agreement with the client.