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Gebeco – Consulting & Communication

Gebeco relies on travel brochure texts by WörterSee Public Relations both in print media and online.

New travel brochures are available. That means off to a travel agency, selecting the perfect tour and enjoying the feeling of anticipation. It could be as easy as that, if the texts describing the tours and travels weren’t impersonal and rife with mistakes. This really puts a damper on things, especially when 5,000 Euros are asked for a two-week tour.

Tour operator Gebeco from Kiel knows that every tour, travel or journey has to be connected with a creative, emotional text in order to be successful. Especially in times of online marketing convincing pictures need to conjoin with convincing texts. That is why WörterSee Public Relations cooperates with Gebeco including the labels “Gebeco Länder erleben”, “Dr. Tigges” and “GoXplore” when it comes to the subject of texts. In addition to that WörterSee Public Relations offers wording and corporate language concepts and trainings.

And this year we once again travelled around the globe with the 150 tours we edited for Gebeco.


Corporate language consultancy, corporate language conception, internal wording seminars, wording conception, brandrelated wording concepts, creative texts for catalagoes, editing and proof-reading.