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Maharani Jewels – Communication & Media Relations

Christina von Oeynhausen is a designer from Berlin. She creates high quality jewellery decorated with beautiful, twinkling precious stones.

Every single piece of jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver and is available with fine gold plating. Christina von Oeynhausen wants her creations be universably wearable, she designed them with snap hooks and with special Maharani-clasps. “A piece of luxury for every day.” – This is what the combination of European design and traditional Indian manufacture conveys.

For the planning and texting of a brochure and an internet presence we had to find out what was best for the label. Our goal was to strategically advise Maharani Jewels regarding communication and public relations. We developed a communication strategy in order to increase brand equity. From the very beginning we considered it essential to work as effectively as possible. The response to our ideas among media representatives, traders and consumers alike highlighted our work.



Aufbau der externen Pressestelle, Agendasetting, PR-Konzeption, Pressemappen, Pressemitteilungen, Redaktionsbesuche, Konzeption der Social Media Kommunikation, Kommunikations-Controlling, Reporting.