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NOELANI my piece of heaven – Consulting, Communication & Media Relations

Since 2012 our client, the Amor Group, has got a new, trendy jewellery brand: NOELANI – my piece of heaven.

As the external press office we accompany the new brand appearance, work closely with the marketing department and bring the message and the beautiful jewellery to fashion and lifestyle magazines, both online and offline. We create extensive press portfolios and send out information regularly. Only those companies who feed journalists and bloggers with interesting news are the ones that are being recognised. That’s why we have contacts to every important editorial department.

We know today what will be up to date tomorrow, investigate the latest trends and place NOELANI in scheduled fashion and lifestyle magazines.


Consultation and coordination of annual planning of public relations activities for products and brands, public relations campaigns, press portfolios for every new collection, cooperations, press tours, regular dissemination of information and news, photo samples, trade press articles, exclusive releases, clipping services.