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porta furniture & more – Consulting & Communication

Every day, tens of thousands of people visit one of the 21 Porta Möbel & Mehr furniture outlets in Germany. Weekly sales, strong brands, good service and the delicious food in the Toscana restaurants make porta möbel & mehr a popular and renowned department store for furniture, decoration and inspiration.

The company also offers an online shop with more than 1,500 products from tables and armchairs to a huge selection of carpets. This possibility appeals to people who are either not able to or do not want to make their way to one of the Porta Möbel & Mehr stores.

And this is where WörterSee Public Relations comes into play. The question we asked ourselves in unison with Porta Möbel & Mehr was a very simple one: How can the conventional measures of online marketing be expanded in order to make online shopping at Porta Möbel & Mehr more appealing to customers?

Our first answer was: Implement search engine optimised texts that are more than sheer information about products, and respond to the rules of search engine marketing at the same time. Our second answer was: Implement an SEO content training for the online marketing agents and enable them to process the product descriptions optimised for search engines.


Consultation concerning SEO-wording, workshops about SEO-wording, generate texts optimised for search engines, implement web content optimised for the www.porta.de website.