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Authentic, competent and determined

Public Relations made in Bielefeld
During a fair, a client described us as follows: „Public Relations made in Bielefeld: authentic, competent and determined.“ Not sure at first whether “determined” described us appropriately, we can tell you now that it does. After all, you need to know where you come from when you want to know what you are off toward.

PR made in Eastern Westphalia
For more than ten years, WörterSee Public Relations has been delivering Communication Services and Public Relations made in Bielefeld. We are a communication agency with national and international clients, who appreciate our competence as well as the direct access to our management team, individual consulting, and personal attention.

Tailor-made communication solutions
Our solutions are tailor-made. And because we cooperate with partners that know the requirements of our business, we offer all advantages of a full-service PR-agency without having to calculate with excessive overhead. Good for us and good for our clients.

Integral Strategy
Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to communication as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, a journalistic background and a business policy that is carefully balancing the needs of our clients, the requirements of the media and the desires of the respective target groups.

Lifestyle and Consumer Goods

The Competition of Communication
The markets are saturated. Products are becoming ever more similar. More than ever before, companies and brands are involved in a communication competition rather than competition between products. This may be obvious, but it really is true for consumer goods and the colourful world of lifestyle brands. So what can we do?

Communication across all Channels
Communicate products and brands in the lifestyle and consumer goods sector across all channels is what we suggest! Cross-media, integrated and holistic, in press releases, press portfolios and brochures, during visits to editorial offices, journalist events and backgrounders, at international trade fairs, online, at the POS and in the social media! And: discover innovations, communicate trends, define themes, inspire media and consumers and tell the very special story of every new brand and each new product.

WörterSee PR  emotionalises
We ourselves love the little pleasures in life, beautiful design and exclusive architecture. Therefore we know that consumer goods and lifestyle products have to appeal to the heart, not to the mind. That is why we emotionalise before we underpin it with intelligent arguments. We make lifestyle communication successful because we have an eye on the fast-moving media scene and watch the developments of the markets closely.

Hotels and Tourism

Let’s keep it in perspective
And let’s say it with figures. The Germans are travel champions – at least in regard to the expenses. In 2011 they spent 61 billion Euros on journeys abroad. Not even the Chinese spent more on journeys that year, even though they do so now.

Speaking of Chinese
They like to travel to Germany, especially to Saxony, which leads us to the second record. In 2012, the German catering industry counted approx. 400 billion overnight stays, this was unprecedented. This shows that the market is full of new opportunities, but that you have to fight for sitting in the front row.

Regarding emotions

People make travel decisions from their gut, not their head. That is why hotels, tour operators and destinations have to tell stories and create images in the heads of their potential guests: stories and images full of relaxation, exotic locations, adventure and the kind of unique experience they absolutely cannot miss out on.

That brings us to Public Relations
And to WörterSee PR. Bielefeld might not be Germany’s number one tourist destination, but we understand both German tourists and tourists in Germany, and have done so for 20 years. We use target-group-orientated public relations, creative texts, destination marketing and the development of tourism products to transform hotels, tour operators and destinations into distinct brands.