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s.Oliver Time and s.Oliver Jewel – Consulting, Communication & Media Relations

s.Oliver is one of the most popular and best known German brands. Apart from fashion for women, men, kids and teens, s.Oliver carries a variety of  accessories. S.Oliver JEWEL goes under the slogan “REAL JEWELs FOR REAL PEOPLE” and transforms the latest trends into high quality jewellery. Twice a year, s.Oliver releases new collections and seasonal complements such as Christmas specials. The Amor Group from Frankfurt on the Main owns the brand’s exclusive licence since 2007.

As the external press office WörterSee Public Relations closely cooperates with the marketing department in the area of communications since May 2011. We are contact for the media, disseminate press portfolios and samples for photo shoots.

We present new jewellery collections during our regular press visits in Hamburg and Munich, talk to the fashion journalists personally and initialise cooperations and sweepstakes. For these purposes we create press portfolios twice a year in consultation with s.Oliver from Rottendorf.


Consultation and coordination of annual planning of public relations activities for products and brands, public relations campaigns, press portfolios for every new collection, cooperations, press tours, regular dissemination of information and news, photo samples, trade press articles, exclusive releases, clipping services.