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Tischler Reisen – Media Relations & Communication

Tischler Reisen, the tour operator from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, offers journeys to Asia, the Far and Middle East, Morocco, India and the Indian Sea, always connected with suitable programmes and the company’s philosophy – “the personal kind of travelling”. Providing their customers with extraordinary services, specialist expertise, individual programmes and an extensive selection of accomodation, Tischler Reisen meets the personal needs of every traveller.

Since 2014, WörterSee’s team is responsible for Tischler Reisen’s public relations. We cooperate closely with the marketing department in order to plan, write and send out press releases. Monthly clipping analyses reflect the strong media interest. Furthermore, we edit and design the newspaper for the customers which is published twice a year.

For more information about Tischler Reisen, please check our newsroom.


 Establishing of an external press office, agenda setting, PR-concepts, writing and sending out of press releases, communication controlling and reporting, clipping services, concept and layout creation as well as editing of the customer’s newspaper.